Introducing the Mail More Love blog


Welcome to the inaugural Mail More Love blog!  I decided to start writing this blog because there were so many things that I wanted to say about letter writing and stationery that couldn’t be expressed on Instagram.  Unless I became one of those people who writes REALLY long insta comments and I didn’t want to be that girl : ) So I’m going to kick off the blog by answering a question I get all the time.  How on earth do you write so many letters?  Or as it’s sung in Hamilton the musical, “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”.  

Basically the answer is that I have a lot of energy….but more importantly I am an ambivert.  I didn’t realize this until I read Susan Cain’s book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, and then I started to really understand myself. I love connecting with people and getting to know them really well and once I do, I like to stay connected.  A life lived on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, followed by college and a few years in Boston and then onto the island of Manhattan has meant that I have collected loved ones in all these places.  The extroverted side of me meets and connects with people easily and the introverted side of me likes to stay home, and sit for hours at my desk creating and writing.  It’s the way I destress, relax and recharge.

Some of you may know that one of my nicknames (and insta handles) is The Card Whisperer.  My absolute favorite way to spend my time is sitting at my desk flipping through my stationery stash looking for the right card to send to someone to match whatever is going on in their lives.  I got such a reputation for this skill with my friends and family that I decided to turn it into a business – Mail More Love.  Matching what I feel, is the finest in stationery out there with my customers makes my heart sing.  My goal each month is to give them cards that they want to send out into the world and cards that inspire the recipients of that mail to start sending their own mail.  My goal isn’t to create the Navy or the Federal Reserve like A.Ham, but it is to inspire people to start writing letters again.  

So how do I write so many letters?  I make the time.  I carry postcards, cards and stamps with me in a mini letter writing kit that I keep in my purse and I write whenever I can.  I’ve even been known to write on the subway.  I love packing up a few cards and note paper and cozying up at one of the many café’s in NYC and writing until my hand hurts.  Because I have a full-time job, I get most of my letter writing done on the weekends and mainly on Snail Mail Sunday, as I like to call it.  Letter writing affords me the luxury of slowing down, thinking about my recipient carefully and thinking about the aspects of my life that I want to share with them – be it the past week, a trip I took, or simply recounting when they floated through my mind.  Last night I wrote a letter from a bench in the Greek and Roman Sculpture Hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was magical and I loved having all that introverted company as I wrote!

As a life-long letter writer I have never needed much motivation for written correspondence.  Two years ago, I did a 30 day snail mail challenge in which I wrote a letter a day and posted my progress on Instagram.  That process got me hooked on writing a letter each day.  I’m hoping that some of you reading this will take up the same challenge in April for National Letter Writing Month.  I’ve designed a special kit called 30 Day of Letters for Mail More Love that will help you do a 30 day challenge if you are so inclined.  It will be available March 1st at  Now close the computer, put down the phone, and write someone a letter!

Until the next note,

Rhea, The Card Whisperer


9 thoughts on “Introducing the Mail More Love blog

  1. Rhea, I cannot wait to read your posts! I am one of the many that is constantly amazed at your ability to accomplish so much, and I feel there is so much that I can learn from you. I’m intrigued by the concept of an “ambivert”; I’ve heard of that book, so I’ve added it to my “to-read” list. Thank you for starting this blog and sharing your passions with us!


  2. Hi Rhea, congratulations on your new blog! I found you through LWA. It’s always nice to connect with others who love to write letters. I signed up to follow you. Didn’t get a response in my email right away, but I’ll keep an eye out.

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    1. Hi Karen,
      So lovely to have you along for the ride. I just posted a new blog today. I’m still working out the kinks with the email notifications. I LOVE that fellow LWA members are connecting – so thrilled. So nice to meet you and happy writing!


  3. Hi Karen….thank you soooo much. I’m trying to figure this blog thing out. So not sure about that email. As u know from Devoted Diarist and Mail More Love I stay pretty busy!! But I will figure it out and u will be included on all upcoming blog posts via email. Have a great day and keep on writing!


  4. lrstampit

    Dear Rhea,
    This is a great addition to your world of letter writing! I’m so excited to have found you on IG and am grateful for the inspiration you give to all of us. I hope you feel the good vibes from Little Rock as I go around saying your name (a lot!) & sending others your way. Write on!!!!
    Yours truly, Cathy

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