National Letter Writing Month…….

….is almost upon us.  I’ve been making lots of trips to the World Trade Center Post Office, my neighborhood Post Office, sending out the 30 Days of Letters Kit for all those people who want to number their outgoing mail.  I was interviewed by my girlfriends over at Of Note Stationers yesterday for their blog and they asked me about what drew me to do the 366 day #yearofsnailmail in 2016 and when I thought about it I realized I love a challenge.

My first snail mail challenge was in July of 2015.  I sent a letter and designed a special envelope each day for 31 days and at the end I was HOOKED.  That challenge is what changed my @devoteddiarist Instagram from postings from my moleskine journal to posting my outgoing mail.  At the time I was a like ho : ) and I noticed that my outgoing mail got A LOT more likes than my art journaling.  Just goes to show that your audience may know you better than you know yourself!  At the end of the 31 days, I had a stack of cards on my desk that I hadn’t sent yet and even better I was coming home each night to a mail box with at least two pieces of real mail – in addition to the catalogs and junk mail.


But the best part was the way my mind was firing.  I found myself carving out  time to write, draw or color.  And the ideas kept coming.  Ways to honor the people I cared about by sending them a card with balloons on it because they love balloons, reminders to friends of a special day shared years before, lettering styles I wanted to explore, stamping techniques I wanted to try.  The well never went dry and it hasn’t 637 days later.   Maya Angelou once said –

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

That is totally true for me.  My letter writing challenge had so many unexpected outcomes – a wellspring of creativity, more joy, new friends and a full mail box. Whether you decide to send one letter or 30 during National Letter Writing Month, doesn’t matter. Just mail someone some love.  Until the next note, Rhea


7 thoughts on “National Letter Writing Month…….

  1. Such a wonderful story and journey! I can relate to many parts – I’ve been writing letters to friends and family since I was in college (over 20 years). It’s a wonderful way to stay connected. And it feels great to send mini gifts in the snail mail. I too recently changed the focus of my IG account from illustrations from my sketchbook to more everyday life photos, and seem to be making more connections – lol! I’m hoping to connect with more letter writers, so I’m excited for the letter-writing challenge in April and beyond.

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  2. WOW! I’d love to be on the receiving end of even just one of your envelopes! SO ARTFUL and BEAUTIFUL – I’m also a little in awe of how the USPS takes them… I’d be afraid I didn’t get the address in the “right” spot – so KUDOS to you.
    I cam across your lovely blog while researching National Letter Writing Month which I just heard about yesterday. Since I’m the queen of writing thank you notes, this “celebration” was right up my alley and a topic I could get behind wholeheartedly.

    I’m impressed with the number of letters you’ve been writing and just the care you clearly put in.
    Such a nice blog. I’ll be following both the blog and your instagram account shortly!
    K of TAF

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  3. I can’t wait to read it!
    Keep up the great work. If you are challenged at all by topics for any letters in you 30 in 30 days… I wrote a piece on the Just Because note that could be helpful. You can type in “Just Because Note” in the search bar on my site.
    Thanks again for replying to my message.
    Best, K

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