The passing of a loved one

Recently the mother of one of my dear friends husband passed away suddenly. At the beginning of June I stayed with these friends. They are the kindest, most giving people who made me feel so at home and loved. I had never met the deceased but her passing pained me because I knew the pain it would cause my friends. They were half the way around the world attending to the arrangements.  Each morning I thought of them and imagined all they were going through and I felt helpless.

IMG_1253 (1)

Grief is so difficult and it is something I struggle with at the oddest of times.  I recently read a definition of grief as left over love that people have a hard time expressing because the recipient is no longer there.  It is further complicated by all the leftover residue of things left unsaid or undone and also all the things that were said and done that we wish were not.  When I know someone who is in the throes of grief, I always want to make it better. Because my friends were in Switzerland, I didn’t have any of my usual ways to show my sympathy at my disposal.  So after writing them a sympathy card, I stamped the outside of the envelope with this darling heart with wings stamp (pictured above) that I bought years ago at The Ink Pad in NYC.  It dawned on me that this would be a great way of showing my friend that his mom would always be flying around with him.

Then as I finished up some other letters, I decided that I would stamp each piece of outgoing mail with the heart with wings stamp as a way to commemorate the life of my Phillipe’s mom.  Each day I stamped my outgoing mail in her honor and it made me smile and think of my friends, but the sadness was turned upside down.  I imagined all the places those letters would travel to and how the recipients would love seeing that heart with wings.  And somehow it made me feel better to honor this woman I had never met before in this way.

Until the next note, Rhea




2 thoughts on “The passing of a loved one

  1. Julie B

    This is incredibly beautiful. I am inspired to get one of these stamps for my Mom. My dad passed less than 2 years ago. She could stamp this on all of her cards that she sends to all the grandkids. I could symbolize the missing signature. xoxox Julie

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