My Classiky Desk Tool Box

I purchased my Classiky Desk Tool Box from Baum Kuchen in Los Angeles after asking a long list of questions of my dear friend and stationery GURU Eunice Roe about the box.  It was a considered purchase so boy did I consider it.  Eunice warned me that the box would not be good for air travel, being jostled in a suitcase, it was too fragile, and better suited to be a desktop letter-writing box.  As you will see from all the pics in this blog, I completely ignored her advice.  I will say after the travels I have taken it on, it is still in perfect shape but I do agree with Eunice, it is a better for being left at home on your desk or in your crafting studio.

Rhinebeck, NY – this is the first trip my Classiky took.  I was staying in the woods on a retreat with a dear friend and needed to have all my letter writing gear.


Westport, CT – I spent last Labor Day weekend housesitting for one of my besties in Westport.  It was so amazing to get away from my studio apartment and have an entire house to myself.  And what a house and back yard it is.  I wrote letters every day and virtually participated in the Letter Writers Alliance Letter Writing Social.  My Classiky was VERY happy in Westport.


Palm Springs, CA – this was the first time my Classiky Desk Took Box got to the west coast.  I was lucky enough to be invited to the weekend 40th birthday celebration of one of the member of the NYC Letter Writers Society.  I spent one glorious evening that we all stayed in, writing letters.


NOMAD, NYC – this park off of Madison Square is one of my fave letter writing haunts when the weather is great as it is right under the FlatIron building and looks directly at the Empire State Building.  In a real estate obsessed town, you can’t get any better.


Davis Bay, St. Croix – Just last week I took my Classiky to the Carambola Beach here on la isla bonita for an afternoon letter writing session and to enjoy the beauty of my homeland.  I had just learned that Hurricane Maria was bearing down on us and I wanted to engage with the natural beauty and let the sound of the waves de-stress me.  It worked and I wrote some lovely letters from this vantage point.


What do I fill my Classiky box with when I go on a trip:  Rubber stamps and lots of them including my rolling date stamper and return address stamp, an ink pad, many rolls of washi tape, pencils, stickers, erasers, colored pencils, copic markers and postcards.

I collect postcards and I put some of the ones I will never send in the top of my Classiky. It takes them out of the box where I store all my stationery and gets me to feast my eyes on them.  I usually change my two featured postcards every month.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of my Classiky….it sure does get around – LOL – happy letter writing!

Until the next blog, Rhea




Summer Letter Writing Challenge

I began my foray into writing a letter every day with a 30 day snail mail challenge back in July of 2015.  Below is a FLIPAGRAM of the 30 days.  That adventure filled my world with gems I never expected to encounter.  My own stationery business, a snail mate, friends near and far, a Letter Writing Society, and a role-playing fairy godmother to fledgling letter writing groups across the country, to name a few.  As I saw July approaching I felt compelled to repeat the challenge to connect with 30 special people and hopefully inspire many others to send more mail!

Back in March I launched my 30 days of Letters Kit and it was a big hit!  I got lots of feedback about the ways people used the kit.  Most bought it with the intention of filling their loved ones mail boxes and getting lots of mail back in return.  Others just wanted to revive the lost art of letter writing.


Science says that it takes 21 days to create a habit – bad or good.  Some people began using the /30 rubber stamp included in the kit to keep track of the days they wrote in their journal.  Other stamped the inside covers of books they read as part of a book challenge they were doing and some used it to track 30 days of new recipes on recipe cards.  If you decide to do the challenge – follow along and let me know you are writing by posting on Instagram and hashtagging #thesummer30daysofletters.  You might pick up some new pen pals and become a Mail More Luvah!

This is how I will be structuring my 30 day challenge – 10 days of ice cream themed cards, 10 days of postcards, and 10 days of old-fashioned letters.  I put them all in a box, any box will do – try a shoe box.  Put some pens, pencils, postage stamps and anything else you like to make your mail pretty and you are off to the post office!  Each day grab that box and write a note to someone you love.

If you need a few tips to make this challenge easy breezy – click on this link to my blog about the 30 Days of Letters kit

Until the next note, Rhea



Layovers and travel letters

I’ve been made fun of in the past for being someone who has entertainment anxiety.  I consider it a product of growing up on an island in the Caribbean where there wasn’t a ton to do as a kid, which left lots of time for reading (some heroes included – Ramona Quimby, Anastasia Krumpink, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield), writing letters and lots of imagination time with my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  As an adult, I always prepare myself for downtime on the subway, waiting in line, waiting for friends who are late.  I arm my purse with a book, my on-the-go letter writing kit and of course my Iphone. IMG_3731

This past Thursday I had a 3 hour layover that turned into a 7 hour layover.  My carryon was full of cards to be written and letters from pen pals to be responded to.  When I starred at the departures board in the airport and saw that my layover at first was extended to 5 hours, my first thought was great, “I’m gonna get so much done”.  I scouted out the nearest wall outlet, plugged in my phone and started writing letters. A few letters and 2 hours later on a bathroom break, I starred at the departures board again and noticed that my flight had been delayed again, making the total layover 7 hours.  I texted my mom and boyfriend to let them know and then set up camp again and began writing.  What I noticed at some point in that time was the absence of stress over this uncontrollable change of plans.  I credit it all to the epistolary time I spent with my pen pals.  And of course, I have to give some credit to the part of me that was  well prepared to quell my entertainment anxiety : )

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” – Phyllis Theroux

One particular letter was to a Mail More Love subscriber who has turned into a pen pal.  She wrote me about a trip she was planning to New Orleans and I was writing back.  It got me thinking about some of my favorite letters to write – travel letters.  I have three kinds I write – postcards from my destination; letters written during travel about all the things I am doing that are different from my daily routine, usually written from a café wherever I am with a big iced tea in front of me; and my favorite, the revisiting letter.  I started writing those with my snailmate, Patrick of Edelweiss Post.  They usually come about organically because of something we are writing to each other. But in case you want to write a revisiting letter for National Letter Writing Month, here’s what I do.  I pick the place I visited that I remember fondly – say Santa Fe New Mexico and I close my eyes and revisit the trip in my mind.  I recount all the details from the trip that I can and by the end of the letter I feel just as enriched and excited as I did when I was actually on the trip. IMG_0015

Since I am on a trip right now, I’m going to sign off of the computer now and write some letters….here’s how one of them might begin….

April 2, 2017
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
82° Sunny


Dear Patrick, I’m sitting on the gallery at the Annex.  The breeze is blowing and I’m starring at a cluster of palm trees outside my Grandma’s house………

Until the next note,